• 5000ton Press Machine
  • 5000ton Press Machine

5000ton Press Machine

Wood based panel Press / Fiber Cement Board Press

hydraulic press consisting of press, loading & unloading truck, electric control system and hydraulic system is a special equipment for producing Fiber Cement board and Wood - based panel the hydraulic system which consists of two low pressure pump with high flow, two high pressure pump with low flow and related hydraulic spool valves can simultaneously make the press and the truck finish their own actions. The electric control system is operated by PC units .The hydraulic press takes the use of welded-frame type and eight.cylinders are set in the bottom of crossbeam .Controlled by photo switches and limit switches,the hydraulic cylinders can move correctly. The loading & unloading truck is driven by hydraulic motor with low speed and high torque. So its speed-regulating scopes are wide and its operating action are stable and reliable.

CI-FCB5000Hydraulic press
 new type of constructional materials.Because of possessing many merits such as large dimensions,high strength, erosion-proof, water-proof, fire-proof, good performance of machining 

and so on, these two kinds of products are widely used in various industries and civil architecture such as interior & external wall board, ceiling and underground engineering etc.

Main Technical Data

Nominal total pressure


No. of daylight


Daylight opening


Working planten dimensions

3600 x 1500mm

Feeding direction


Overall dimensions

8870 x 3450 x 7450mm

Loading capacity


Piston Cylinder : Diameter x Stroke

560 x 750mm x 8

Operating pressure




Motor power