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Heavy Duty Type Auto Panel Feeder (Frame Type)

Auto Panel Feeder boosts efficiency and productivity while reducing costs. No longer do you need an operator to manually feed stock from a scissors lift into the first machine of your line. With a simple push of a button by automatic mode.
Avavible for the finishing production line.
ex: sanding line or plywood double sizer line or grading line

Heavy Duty Type Auto Panel Feeder (Frame Type)

(Automatic & High-Speed Type)

Our auto feeder is designed to feeding either a wood panel board  production line . These units are completely automatic and integrated with the host machine.  Built with industrial use in mind, our auto feeder is built for high speed use under thin panel sheet or heavy duty both conditions. 

Plywood feeder- CHANG I IN CO., LTD.panel feeder -CHANG I IN CO., LTD.

※Alignment Device System for 3' x 6' , 4' x 8'

※Air Jet Sprayer: Air Blower

※Feeding Stopper Limiter: Prevent 2 of sheet feeding to the production line.

※Feed Speed :15Pcs to 19Pcs/min





Sucker Feeder Device

工作厚度Available Thickness

2.7mm ~30mm

工作寬度Working Width:

900mm ~1250mm(3feet, 4feet)

工作長度Working Length

1800 mm~2440mm

滾輪輸送馬達 Roller Feed Motor





Roller & Chain

Conveyor Hydraulic Table Lifter

檯面尺寸 Table Size:

1220mm x 2440mm

升降行程Lifter Stroke

400mm to1000mm

檯面最大載重Maximum Loading :


油壓馬達馬力 Hydraulic Motor




電氣箱 Electric Controller Box

蓄氣筒 Gas cartridge

01 x Unit

人機介面設定控制箱 H.M.I Control Box

01 x Unit