• Plywood Thickness Examination System

Plywood Thickness Examination System

Specification項 目 規 格


Thickness Sensors Devices

Three inspection measures point

(3 x Set)

檢測厚度 Working Thickness

1.0mm - 25.0mm

檢測板材尺寸 Working Size

4 x 8

進出料輸送速度 Feeding Speed

15m/min - 70m/min

電 源 Power



Adjustable Full-Automatic/Semi-Automatic



Plywood thickness examination system- Examination plywood different thickness, then automatically the different thickness plywood, transports the stacker

When the plywood quality was uneven and ragged for the influence customer purchase product wish,this equipment specially for will research and develop the design to the plywood quality demand company, automatically classify to Different thickness plywood, Then transports the stacker with same thickness plywood

For example: Spindle less lathe peeling veneer has the thickness inconsistent question


1.Precise examination analysis reaches 0.03mm           
2.High speed transportation plywood
3.Adjust full-automatic and the semi-automatic
4.Thickness Set by HMI
5. Pneumatic Feeding

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