Narrow Veneer Composer ( Semi Core Veneer Jointer) Installation at Indonesia December

Chang I In Co., Ltd. developing the narrow veneer composer and installation to large plywood company location at Semarang ,Indonesia. December 2017.

Narrow Veneer Composer -CI-SVCJ4 is using waste strip veneer 30mm to 100mm for veneer after detecting cutting. After then re-building for 4' x 4'  

Forest resource shortage and material costs increase

The change of resources situation and restrictions of log export in the tropical countries in Southeast Asia coupled with their policy to promote processed products export with an aim to industrialize have greatly reduced plywood industry. Indonesia, now the largest exporter of plywood in the world, . On top of that, which make it urgently necessary for the plywood industry to reorganize, improve production systems, and match it to the supply of raw materials.